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5 Things To Know About Electric Scooters In Winter

Riding an adult electric scooter is a great way to get around. It is fun, saves on cost, and helps the environment by preventing pollution. However, the experience is different when it is winter because the weather is far from perfect.

Is it possible to ride an electric scooter during winter? What do you need to know about riding electric vehicles in winter?

Keep reading to see what you need to know about riding electric scooters in winter.

Can You Ride An Electric Scooter During Winter?

The answer is, yes, you can ride your electric scooter in winter. However, you need to take precautions by avoiding riding in extreme weather conditions. Do not venture out on your electric scooter when there is heavy snow, hail, ice, heavy rain, or sleet.

A good rule of thumb is to stay off the road when you can’t see the pavement.

Even if the weather is not extreme, it is still essential to prevent accidents that could cause injury or even death.

Pay Attention To Safety When Riding An Electric Scooter In Winter

Safety is important while riding an electric scooter any time of the year. However, during winter, the need to pay attention to safety increases because there are more hazards on the road. For example, a concealed patch of black ice can send a rider flying off the scooter.

In the UK, wearing a helmet is not mandatory for riding an adult electric scooter. However, it is recommended. When it snows, the need for a helmet increases because it is easier to slip and fall in wet conditions. It is important to protect the head from a potential fall because head injuries can be severe and life-threatening.

Similarly, wear elbow and knee protection to prevent bruises and cuts, as those are the body parts you are likely to land on during a fall.

It is advisable to wear glasses to prevent tears in your eyes which is dangerous when you are moving fast and need to see ahead. Your eyes produce tears when they come in contact with icy air at increased speeds. A pair of eyeglasses will block out most of the air from entering your eyes.

Do not ride for longer than necessary as you stand to get colder the more you remain outdoors. Also, avoid riding between moving cars.

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Clothing While Riding An Electric Scooter In Winter

When you ride an electric scooter, you are directly exposed to the weather, unlike passengers in a car. This means you will get cold quickly if you do not take proper precautions. Hypothermia is a real risk that you have to consider. A fall when you are cold could be catastrophic, as bones break easily at lower temperatures.

It is important to be dressed appropriately if you must ride your electric scooter during winter. Wear windproof jackets and pants to keep the cold out of your system. Protecting your fingers by wearing gloves is important because cold fingers make it hard to grip the handlebars properly, interfering with braking or accelerating.

How To Ride An Electric Scooter In Winter

To be safe, you might need to alter your riding habit during winter to suit the riding conditions. Ride steadily, without sudden movements or aggressive manoeuvers. Be defensive in your riding, with the expectation that other people will make mistakes on the road. This is not assuming the worst of fellow road users but a step to prepare for the worst.

Don’t ride through deep water. If you notice a pothole, skirt it and go your way. This is because your scooter might be water-resistant but not water-proof.

When you reach a crossroads, try to make eye contact with others so that you are sure they see you. If you must ride in the dark during winter, make yourself as visible as possible.

Wintertime is not the time to show your riding skills. Showoffs can end badly in the emergency ward. It is better to reserve the theatrics for less hazardous times.

Tire And Electric Scooter Maintenance In Winter

The importance of the right tires cannot be overemphasized as they are the scooter’s components that keep you attached to the road. Use scooter tires with a thread that can keep the necessary amount of grip on the surface of the road. For the same reason, do not use threadbare tires during winter to avoid sliding uncontrollably.

Keep your tires as soft as necessary because they will not be stable enough when they are hard and will slip easily.

Maintenance is very key for a scooter that you ride during winter because it picks up dirt faster, interfering with its smooth operation. Make sure you remove any dirt fast.

To prevent dirt build-up, install fenders if your electric scooter does not come with a pair. They also prevent you from getting dirty while riding.

Use cleaning solutions that won’t cause rust or corrosion. Use maintenance grease to prevent water or moisture from touching the wiring parts of your electric scooter.

In winter, clean your scooter once in a while with soap and water. But make sure to cover the battery with a plastic bag or any other waterproof material before starting the cleaning process. After cleaning with soap and water, clean it with a dry cloth and be careful not to push water towards any electrical parts.

Electric Scooter Battery In Winter

Your riding range decreases during winter because of the cold. This is due to the chemistry inside the battery cells. The performance takes a hit too, and you will spend a long time charging the battery.

To reduce the charging time, don’t park your scooter outside. Bring it indoors where it is warm and allow the temperature to rise before starting to charge. Likewise, keep the scooter inside before setting out for a ride so that the temperature is raised.


Electric scooters can work during winter. However, you need to take some safety precautions and avoid riding in extreme weather conditions.

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