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Best Gift As An Electric Scooter For Christmas – How To Select It

For many people, Christmas is a time for giving friends and family gifts. Apart from reassuring the recipient of your affection for them, your gift could solve a problem in their life if it is practical. Locating such practical gifts could be challenging as you might have to go through an overwhelming array of choices to find something suitable.

Electric scooters make great Christmas presents because they are practical and are not complicated to operate. Since Christmas is around the corner, we will examine what you should consider when selecting an electric scooter as a Christmas gift in this article.

But first, you have to determine if an electric scooter is fit for your intended recipient.

Who Is The Best Fit For An Electric Scooter Christmas Gift?

Electric scooters are great Christmas gifts because they are cheap to use and not complicated. However, they are not for everyone.

Due to the nature of their operation, most escooters require the rider to be in an upright position and keep their balance. So, make sure your electric scooter receiver is generally in good health and does not have anybody coordination problems.

Accidents involving electric scooters could be dangerous. Hence, many experts do not recommend them for children or the elderly. They are meant for adults who recognize they are a means of transportation, not for doing stunts.

However, an electric scooter could make a thoughtful gift if you have a college-age cousin or nephew. People passionate about cutting down their transport costs or carbon emissions will also be enthusiastic about electric scooters.

Your nerdy friend interested in modern gadgets and likes to tinker with them might also be happy to get one for Christmas.

Since privately owned scooters cannot be ridden on public roads, your gift recipients do not need to possess a valid driving license.

How To Select A Good Electric Scooter Christmas Gift?

Electric scooters come in various forms, with different feature sets and price points. Depending on your budget and the need of your recipient, you can choose an electric scooter that will be received with appreciation. However, because electric scooters are relatively new, many people do not know what makes an excellent electric scooter.

Below are some of what you should consider when selecting an electric scooter to gift as a Christmas present.


The range of an electric scooter is how far you can ride it before the battery runs out. This is important to consider because if the battery runs out, using it manually damages the electrical components, depending on the type of scooter. Even if it doesn’t get damaged, an electric scooter is heavier, hence more stressful to ride manually.

This means you need to consider the distance your gift recipient needs to cover with the scooter. Fortunately, electric scooters come with different ranges, and you should be able to find what meets your recipient’s requirements.

It is easy to get models that last 30 km close to 20 miles of everyday driving. However, do not believe the ranges quoted by the manufacturers because they are usually achieved under controlled conditions.

Weight and compactness

The electric scooter’s weight is essential if your recipient will have to carry it sometimes. For example, if the recipient will use public transport in between rides or has to lug it upstairs for storage, it must not be too heavy, or the scooter will be abandoned after the novelty has worn off and fatigue sets in.

In the same way, if your recipient has limited storage space, like a tiny wardrobe at school or behind a cupboard at home, you would do well to get an electric scooter that can fold. Some models fold at the bottom of the steering column, while others do so at the handlebar.

Tire type

Electric scooters have either solid tires or air tires. While the former does not require much maintenance as they do not puncture, they are only comfortable on smooth roads. Where the rider will use less than perfect roads, air tires are better.

Receiver’s interest

If the intended recipient of your Christmas gift is the technical type, they would appreciate extra features like air suspension, smartphone app integration, cool dashboard, premium brakes, faster-charging speeds, luminous edges, etc.


This is the most crucial factor as you must work within your budget. Chances are you might have more than one cousin or nephew to gift at Christmas, so you really can’t spend all your money on a single gift.

Electric scooters come at different prices, and you will find one within your budget. They start from around £200 for adults, but you could purchase something premium for much more if money is no issue. However, you must bear in mind that the lower you go in price, the more features you lose.

At any rate, the best Christmas gift does not have to be the most expensive one.

Other factors

It is advisable to buy electric scooters from a reputable brand instead of a generic one. You will get a warranty and can quickly get parts when you need to repair them.

Where to buy an electric scooter for a Christmas gift in the UK?

You can order an electric scooter before Christmas online from the manufacturer’s website or a retailer and have it shipped to your doorstep. Or you could go into a physical store where you can see or touch the scooter before paying.


Christmas is a time for giving gifts. You can put a smile on a friend’s or family’s face with a thoughtful gift of an electric scooter during this festivity period. If you start looking now, you can get great electric scooter Christmas deals.

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