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Essential Guide for Electric Scooter Maintenance

When you get your electric scooter, you must maintain it. If you don’t do so, the scooter will quickly become unusable. However, your electric scooter breaks down, and you need to repair it. Sometimes, you can manage the repair while other times you need the services of a trained technician.

What are the most common repairs carried out on electric scooters? How much should you expect to spend on maintaining your scooter? Which repair can you carry out yourself?

This article is an electric scooter maintenance guide to help keep your scooter in good shape.

Most common problems of electric scooters

It is not possible to cover everything that could go wrong. However, some problems occur more frequently. They include:

Punctured tires

Just like with a car or motorcycle, your pneumatic tires can get punctured by a sharp object. This will cause them to deflate. However, you can fix this quickly with an electric scooter puncture repair kit. It usually contains a sealant or slime, which is inexpensive.

Slime can prevent a puncture from deflating your tire. This can be done by injecting the slime into the tire. As you ride about, the slime will coat the inside of your tire. When a sharp object punctures the tire, the air pressure will force the slime out of the tire through the hole. On contact with the air, the slime will cure and seal the hole.

To fix a punctured tire, inject the slime inside and manually rotate the tire so that the slime can coat the inside. Then inflate the tire with a pump to make the pressure force the slime into the puncture and seal it.

Blown fuse

Since these scooters are electrical machines, you will run into electrical problems sometimes. One of such is a blown fuse, which will prevent your scooter from starting. When this happens to you, the first thing to do is to confirm. You can do this by setting the main ignition fuses to ‘on’ and starting the engine. If it doesn’t work, you have a blown fuse. If you are technically inclined, you can replace the fuse or take it to a repair centre.

Less range than expected

Suppose you notice your battery is not performing as expected, i.e., giving you less range before you have to charge. In that case, it might signify that your battery is old and used.

You have to be careful here to know what is causing you to lose range because different riding habits and routes can affect how long your battery lasts. For example, if you start taking uphill roads, you will notice a drop in range.

However, if you notice significantly shorter ranges on flat roads, you might need to replace your batterycha. The replacement is a fairly straightforward process but be ready to spend upwards of £150 on a battery replacement.

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Weak acceleration

Suppose you notice your electric scooter does not accelerate properly when you give it power. In that case, there are several things to look at.

Your tires might be flatter than usual, leading to a reduction in your speed. This is why you should regularly check your tire pressure and keep it within the recommended range.

Sometimes, it is an electrical problem preventing your scooter from getting enough power from the battery. To be sure, it is best to contact a good repair shop.

Scooter plugged in but charging not taking place

Your electric scooter battery charger might be faulty. This can be easily confirmed by plugging the charger into an outlet. The indicator lights should turn on, but you might need to get a replacement if that is not the case.

The engine gets excessively hot

When you use your scooter, the temperature of the engine naturally rises. However, when the heat becomes unusually high, there is a problem. This could be due to electrical issues like controller issues, wiring or fuse issues, etc.

It is best to contact a professional repairer who can diagnose the problem and fix it. Do not continue to use the scooter in this condition, as you could end up damaging either the engine or the battery or both.

Component failure

As your electric scooter is made of different components, one of them could break down and cause issues. The parts that could be faulty include the speed controller, battery, brakes, suspensions, etc. When this happens, it is better to consult the experts instead of making guesses.

How much would I spend on my electric scooter maintenance?

Electric scooters are very affordable to maintain, compared with other means of getting around. A well-maintained electric scooter will last about two years. The most significant repair or replacement is the battery pack, which may cost more than £150.

If you need the services of an expert, typical charges start from 18 pounds, where you bring the part yourself. Some repair shops will charge you 25 pounds for a diagnostic check.

Except your scooter needs a part that is not in stock and has to be ordered, you would get your scooter back the same day.

Where to find electric scooter repair services in London

There are great electric scooter repair shops in London. You can find them online or through recommendations from fellow electric scooter riders.


Electric scooters are great for getting around for cheap because they do not cost much to refuel. They are also simple to use and do not cost much to maintain. If you are technically inclined, you can handle some of the maintenance yourself and keep your electric scooter in good condition for as long as possible.

If you too are looking for an electric scooter for yourself, then head to our website and check out the latest models of electric scooters. Or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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