electric scooter Zero brand image

Pre-ride checks for your electric scooter:

1. Tires are pressurized to the ideal PSI: 45 PSI

electric scooter Zero front wheel tyre pressure 45 PSI

2. Brakes are working properly

electric scooter Zero brakes

3. Folding mechanism is fully locked in place.

electric scooter Zero folding mechanism lock in place

4. Quick release of the handlebar is tight.

electric scooter Zero handlebar quick release mechanism

To access the advanced settings:

Step 1. Simultaneously hold both power and mode buttons for 3-4 seconds.
Step 2. Use the power button to cycle through the settings.
Step 3. Click the mode button once to change the value of the P setting.
Step 4. When the setting is what you want, hold the mode and power buttons down until the screen exits the P Settings screen.

P Setting Descriptions:

P1: LCD brightness: Set to 3 for brightest. The drain on the battery is minimal.
P2: Mileage display in Miles or Kilometres
P3: Voltage: set according to your scooter’s voltage. 48V for Zero 8, Zero 9 and Zero 10. 52V for Zero 10X
P4: Dormancy time: Recommend setting at 10 minutes so it does not turn off at traffic lights.
P5: Unused
P6: Wheel diameter in inches. Set according to your scooter.
P7: No. of magnets on motor: set to 28
P8: Speed Limiter: set to 100 to not limit your power.
P9: Zero start: set to 0 for zero start, set to 1 for kick-start. We highly recommend setting to 1 so that the scooter does not drive when someone accidentally pulls the throttle.

P12: Soft or strong start. 1 is the softest and 5 is the strongest.
P15: Set to 100
P17: Cruise control: Set to 0 for beginners. Set to 1 for advanced riders. Cruise control will start automatically when speed is maintained. Cruise will turn off when the break or throttle is activated. Cruise control can be dangerous if you are not an experienced rider.

Error Codes:

E02 – Brake
E09 – Controller faulty
E04 – 6 km/h cruise
E10 – Faulty comms between controller and LCD
E06 – Battery under voltage
E11 – Faulty comms between controller and LCD
E07 – Motor faulty
E12 – BMS failure
E08 – Throttle faulty
E13 – Headlight failure

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