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How to choose the best ZERO escooter!

You plan to order a new ZERO escooter, but you don’t know how to choose? Here is the ultimate guide in choosing the best escooter Zero, a short guide that will help you select the best option and choose wisely the e-scooter for you.
Every time you buy a product (car, laptop, mobile phone, desktop, etc.) it is a good idea to start from the requirements you have.

There is a possibility that the most expensive and best equipped product may not be suitable for your needs. Even if your budget does not allow it, you are tempted to stretch more than your cover, you can borrow, make the instalments or cut the budget of other needs, to finally discover that you bought a product that does not suit you.
To avoid such frustrations and to make smart purchases, we always recommend our customers to start from the requirements they have.

When it comes to ZERO electric scooters, it is worth thinking about what is the most important aspect to you?

Do you plan to use the scooter on short distance or long distances? Are you interested in speed to a great extent? Do you have a tight budget and want a cheap scooter? On the contrary, aren’t you willing to compromise and aim for a model with an excellent speed / distance ratio?
Answer these questions and it will be easier to identify the right ZERO e-scooter for you.

The ultimate guide in choosing the escooter Zero!

How do you plan to use the Zero electric scooter? It is important to define what is relevant for you.

1) Ultimate guide for short trips: more compact and light scooters

What is most important characteristic to you when you buy an electric scooter for short trips? Or if the trip takes place only on good conditions roads. In case that you intend to commute to work, or use the electric scooter for the last mile of your commute, than most likely the following characteristics are important to you.

a) the price of the e-scooter

ZERO 8 is our suggestion if you are a beginner or you want a scooter more affordable, for easy, smooth and relatively short distances. It has a relatively low weight, which makes it flexible and very comfortable to use, good for commute it is quite compact and can fit in public transport with ease.

e-scooter Zero 8

b) the speed of the electric scooter

If you plan to use the scooter for short distances, but want to move fast, you should take a look at the specifications of the ZERO 9 or even ZERO 8X (this is solid, but has better performance on the speed side).
ZERO 9 is faster than the basic ZERO 8 and in addition it has some incredible functions. What else can you say about it: easy and simple to handle! A scooter that can be used everyday, but it provides the kick when you need it.

escooter Zero 9

c) speed and range of the escooter

If you are going to use the scooter for longer distances and you are interested in a better speed, try ZERO 10. Indeed, it is a bit more robust than the Z8 and Z9 variants, but much more stable and agile. Exactly what you need at considerable distance and above average speed. With a large platform Z10 is a perfect balance between a compact electric scooter and an adrenaline injection!

e-scooter Zero 10

2) Ultimate guide for long trips or off-road trips: solid scooters

What is most important to you when buying an electric scooter for long journeys or in case that you fancy a ride on off-road hills?

a) distance and range of the electric scooter

If you are looking for an ideal scooter for increased speed and long distance travel, we recommend the ZERO 8X version. This is slightly smaller than the Zero Z10 and consequently easier to handle and store. However it has dual motor power which means it can handle higher gradient or steeper slopes. The entry level in the proper kick scooter class, with the dual motor power the Zero 8X is a robust scooter. This is not intended for everyday usage!

escooter Zero 8X

b) speed or speeeeeeeeeed 🙂 of the escooter

Scooters in this category are designed for experienced drivers, who do very well in managing the vehicle at high speeds. For long but smooth trips, with high speed, we recommend the Zero 10 X model, with 18Ah battery. Too cumbersome for everyday commute or for using the public transport the Zero 10X is a proper beast. Do not treat the scooters as toys! The sheer power they developed as well as the instant acceleration are making a proper speed vehicle that needs to be treated with respect!

electric scooter Zero 10X

c) speed and range or distance that you can go

Being in this category means that you are not willing to compromise! Most likely, you have experience in driving a scooter. You want a very solid scooter, with excellent performance both on the speed side and on the distance travelled. In this case, we recommend a Zero 10 X electric scooter, with an extended range and a 24 Ah battery.

The real king of its class this is a scooter that can handle steep slopes with ease. It can also transport heavy and large individuals. However, do not try to use it with multiple passengers as no scooter is design for such a purpose. Better organise fun ride along together with your mates for fun experiences. Do not forget to send us the pictures and videos. Or even better upload them on Facebook and Instagram and tag us!

electric scooter Zero 10X

The ultimate guide in choosing your electric scooter Zero

This was our ultimate guide in choosing the best escooter Zero, a quick introductory guide to ZERO scooters.
If you are on our website, we hope you have already found out which ZERO electric scooter suits you best. If not, get in touch with us immediately in order to assist you!

Warning: It is illegal to ride electric scooters on public roads, pavements, or cycle paths. They are intended only for use on private land with the owner’s permission. The scooter is designed for adults over the age of 18. Protective helmet is strongly recommended.
Contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you!
Until next time, smooth journey!

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