• Ensures that in addition to the factory check, that might have been done several months in advance, the electric scooter will have another check for its optimal operation just before it reaches you
• This operation of course requires unsealing the box, but you will be notified by that with a personalised note
• Also for increased safety, periodically check the condition of the escooter

electric scooter initial check-up Zero


• We make sure that the scooter is functional from an electronic point of view and we check the following components (depending on the model):
– Braking system (discs and clogs, caliper, brake lever)
– Wheel pressure
– Handle and fold
– Direction
– Engine running and balancing
– Battery charge
– Scooter feeder
– LED display
– Horn (physical or electrical)
– Lighting system (headlight, brake lights)

electric scooter initial check-up Zero service area


– on the morning of the shipment
– unsealing of the box
– checking the above operations
– preparing the scooter and the parcel for shipment
– arranging collection by DHL, tracking of it can be done via: https://track.dhlparcel.co.uk/

electric scooter initial check-up Zero assembly area