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Motor set Zero single engine

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In case that you experience issues with your motor of Zero 8/ Zero 9 / Zero 10, you can order a replacement one that will restore your passion for ride and full power of your electric scooter.

The motor set Motor 48V 500W (without tyre and tube) for Zero 8. For ZERO 9 choose the Motor 48V 600W (without tyre and tube). Finally if you need to replace your motor of Zero 10, pick the 52V 1000W Motor (without tyre and tube).

Choose correctly which model of the motor you need in accordance with the model of electric scooter that you own. Any type of motors is fitted on the rear wheel of your escooter. Selected the correct version of motor from the drop down menu in the right as the three types of motor are suitable for different types of e-scooters.

The change of motor should be done by professionals so that the quality of work can be assured and the warranty valid.