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Phone holder electric scooter Gub plus

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Phone holder for electric scooter, motorbikes or electric bikes. Versatile, modular, flexible, easy to mount on the handler, on any type of electric scooter. Can be order on red or black colour. It can adjust to accommodate any types of mobile phones. The phone holder has an anti-theft design.

Phone holder using features of the phone


Made of light metal – aluminium the lower part of the phone holder can rotate 360 degrees in order to fix the phone in the desired position. The pad is adjustable for any phone between 3.5 to 6.2 inches. The holder keeps in place the phone with the help of a easy to fix manual screw, extremely convenient because there is no need of special tools such as a screwdriver. The sides of the holder have 3M pads for phone protection against scratches and the metallic arm has a shock absorbed so the phone is not affected by a rough ride. You can still use the features of your phone while cruising your electric scooter: music, GPS, calls, maps, all that hands free.

Phone holder GUB plus easy adjustable

Being metallic the phone holder is durable, but is light as well since the material used is aluminium. It has an universal design so one size can fit all, most types of phones on most types of escooters currently available.

Any of the following models of electric scooters can fit the place holder made by Gub: Xiaomi Mijia M365, Xiaomi Mi M365 PRO, E-TWOW Booster Plus S, E-TWOW Master, E-TWOW Booster V, E-TWOW Booster GT, E-TWOW GT 2020, ZERO 10x, ZERO 8, ZERO 8x, ZERO 11x, ZERO 10, ZERO 9, Joyor Unico X5S, Dakor VEGA, Dakor Step Up V2, Kugoo S1 PRO, DualMoto DM10, SPEEDXMANM, Dualtron Thunder, Dakor Step Up, DualMoto DM11, SPEEDXMAN PRO, Jet Blade D10, Wide Wheel Mercane, Freewheel Rider Fun, Ninebot by Segway KickScooter ES2, Sprinter ST1002, Xiaomi Mi Essential, Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, Xiaomi Mi 1S, Kugoo Kirin S1, SPEEDXMAN 8 Ultra Pro, SPEEDXMAN 9, Kugoo Kirin M4, Airwheel Z3S, Dualtron X, Dualtron Spider Limited, Dualtron 2 Limited, Dakor City Plus, Kugoo M2 PRO, Kugoo ES2, Kugoo S1