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VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

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  • Trendy and smart design with premium materials
  • Longer thrills on the 160 km range of a strong battery, with space to carry a spare battery
  • Go fast with two fan-cooled 1600 W electric motors and reach speed up to 50 mph (80 km/h), with an option to engage one or both motors
  • Smooth rides sinewave FOC controllers
  • Comfortable airlift suspension to make uneven surface unnoticeable
  • Steer and brake smoothly with responsive steering and premium brakes
  • Read your scooter stats on an easy-to-read anti-glare dashboard
  • Improved water resistance
  • Bluetooth connected smartphone app
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We recommend you to read these articles, read the Frequently Asked Questions (at the bottom of this product description) before you ride the electric scooter for the first time.

Vsett 10+ Electric Scooter

Vsett 10+ is design as a modern electric scooter with adrenaline in high doses as purpose and has perfectly fine-tuned parameters. VSETT 10+ comes with two types of batteries which in turns influence the technical specifications.  Discover a new dimension of extreme riding and join the innovative world of VSETT!

Technical Specifications of VSETT 10+ E-Scooter


Model VSETT 10+ Super VSETT 10+ Pro
Battery 60V/25.6Ah 60V/28Ah
Wheel 10 x 3 inches 10 x 3 inches
Tyre type Front and rear pneumatic Front and rear pneumatic
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Max Range 160 Km/ 100 mi 130 Km/ 81 mi
Top Speed 80 kmph / 50 mph 80 kmph / 50 mph
Slope Climbing ~35 deg ~35 deg
Weight 38 kg / 84 lb  39 kg / 86 lb
Max. Load 130 kg / 287 lb 130 kg / 287 lb
Suspension Front -Rear

Spring Suspension

Front -Rear

Spring Suspension

Lights Dual LED head light,

tail light and brake light

Dual LED head light,

tail light and brake light

IP Rating IP44 IP44
2 x 1400 W (3600 W peak) 2 x 1400 W (3600 W peak)
Charger 1 x 2A Charger 14h 1 x 2A Charger 16h


It is illegal to ride e-scooters on non-private property. Even though a helmet is not legally required during rides, it is highly recommended, along with other protective equipment. This scooter is not meant for people under the age of 18.


Reliable safe-driving system!

Your comfort and safety is taken care of by modern shock absorbers combined with 10-inch pneumatic tyres. You will appreciate every detail of this product – not only steadiness but also great comfort!

Vsett 10+ hulajnoga elektryczna


Utilise the potential of two motors!

Electric scooter Vsett 10+ Lite houses two incredibly powerful electric motors – 1400W each (peaking at 1800W each). This combined with two 35A controllers allows for an ascend at 25 degrees roads without losing most of your speed!


Incredible LED lighting

Novel LED lighting in combination with front and rear turn-signals allows you to travel safely not only during the day but also at night.

Vsett 10+ hulajnoga elektryczna

Even 85km or 53 miles on a single charge

Intelligent Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 20.8Ah/60V ensures fast charging and long range on a single charge. The lack of “memory” in the battery makes it last for several years!

Most important features right under your fingers

Large and easy-to-read display shows all the most important data like speed, current gear, TRIP metre, and battery charge level. The display brightness makes it readable even in unfavourable conditions.

Vsett 10+ hulajnoga elektryczna

Innovative anti-theft system

The scooter possesses a futuristic built-in anti-theft system. Use a unique NFC verification token to unlock the scooter and be on your way!

Record-breaking folding speed

Secure and thought-out folding mechanism lets you feel safe while riding and ensures that the scooter can still be folded to take up less space when it has to be carried around.


Frequently Asked Questions About VSETT 10+  Electric Scooter:

Do I need a driving license to drive a VSETT 10+ electric scooter?

If you ride your scooter on private grounds, you do not need a driving license. However, you must limit the speed to 25 km/h or 15 mph to comply with the law.

How long does it take me to charge the VSETT 10+?

The VSETT 10+ charges fully in about 14-16 hrs. However, do not charge when the battery level is above 90 percent. When you have to store the e-scooter for some time, charge the battery at least once in about three months so that the battery does not drain completely.

What tyre pressure does the VSETT 10+ require?

Due to the innovative and modern design of the tyres, the set pressure that the wheels need to be at is 45 – 50 psi. Make sure that every time before starting to ride your escooter each of the two tyres is within this required pressure, otherwise there is an increased risk of accident

How is the range of the VSETT 10+ scooter calculated?

We tested the escooter in a controlled environment, using a load of 65 -70 kg and a rider that is 1.75 m tall. The scooter moved at 12 – 15 mph constant speed or ECO mode. The temperature was 20 – 25 degrees Celsius, with wind speed below 15 km/h (9 mph) and a surface with no incline.

How do I maintain my VSETT 10+ scooter?

Read the user manual and user guide to learn the best way to handle and maintain your scooter.

Check the tire pressure before riding that it is between 45 – 50 psi.

Do regular checks on the scooter, just like a car, for each 300 to 600 miles driven. If you can’t handle the checkup, use a professional.

How can I conserve my battery during my rides?

Engage only one of the two motors and ride at a constant speed.

Is riding a VSETT 10+ electric scooter safe?

Riding a VSETT 10+ scooter is completely safe as long as you take certain precautions.

You should always wear a helmet when riding the VSETT 10+, and it should never be ridden in the rain.

What does the VSETT 10+ electric scooter package include?

Included is an electric scooter, a user manual, a power bank, and a tool for making adjustments.

Other useful information about VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter:

We recommend that you choose the ‘Initial e-scooter Check-up’ option when making your scooter order. This special service will ensure your scooter is in the best condition when you take it out of the box.

Read Frequently asked questions about electric scooters.


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