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ZERO 10 Electric Scooter

£899.00 inc. VAT

Salient Features:

  • The ZERO 10 electric scooter is equipped with dual brakes.
  • With three LED headlights and two taillights, the ZERO 10 provides excellent visibility in the dark, making it ideal for night riding.
  • ZERO 10 is an extremely powerful and comfortable electric scooter to ride. It features integrated front suspension into the steering column and rear air suspension, making it extremely complex and attractively crafted.
  • Due to the 10′′ pneumatic wheels, it provides superior quality and traction as compared to scooters with 8-9′′ wheels.
  • With a powerful 1000W motor, this scooter outperforms comparable models.

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If you have already purchased or intend to purchase a ZERO electric scooter, we recommend that you read these articles, view these videos, and review the Frequently Asked Questions (at the bottom of this product description).

The ZERO 10 electric scooter is essentially the ZERO 9 escooter with enhanced capabilities, increased power, ten-inch pneumatic tyres for increased comfort, and dual brakes (rear drum brakes and front disc brakes).

With a range of 65-70 kilometres (40-43 miles), this lovely electric scooter is a fantastic alternative for users (commuters) who need to cover a considerable distance and prefer something compact and comfy.

Whether your job requires you to travel a considerable distance from home or you deliver food, the ZERO 10 electric scooter will ensure you have a comfortable ride on the go.

Overview of Zero 10 Electric Scooter

Technical Specifications Product Type Electric Scooter
For Adults
Model ZERO 10
Foldable Yes
Motor Power (W) 1000
Max Speed (Kmph/mph) 55/35
Range max (Km/mi) 65-70/40-43
Seat Type No Seat
Lights Yes
Wheels (inch) 10
Brakes disk brakes – 140 mm
Charging time (min) 540
Angle Of Gradient
Voltage (V/Hz) 52V/18Ah
General Specifications Max Load (Kg) 120
Weight (Kg) 25
Dimensions (mm) 1230 x 320 x 500
Colour Black

Frequently Asked Questions about Zero 10 Electric Scooter:

Is a driver’s licence required to operate Zero 10 electric scooter?

No, a driver’s licence is not required to drive on private property. All ZERO electric scooters can be set at a reduced running speed of up to 25 kilometres per hour or 15.5 miles per hour. Electric scooters are not permitted on public roads, sidewalks, or bike routes. They are meant for usage on private property only with the permission of the owner. The scooter is intended for adults who are at least 18 years old. Helmet protection is strongly advised.

How long does it take for the battery to charge Zero 10 Electric Scooter?

The time required to fully charge the battery is 9 hours. To ensure that the electric scooter operates optimally, it is advised that the battery be recharged when it has been discharged to at least 10%. If you are not going to use the electric scooter for an extended length of time (winter, for example), it is advised, if not required, to charge the battery every three months to avoid a complete drain.

What amount of pressure should I apply to the wheels?

When the load is 50 – 70 Kg weight, the wheels must have 50 PSI pressure.

How is the range of a escooter determined?

The electric scooter is tested in a confined environment with a user weight of 65-70 kg (user height of 1.75 m), a constant speed of 20-25 kmph or 12-15 mph in ECO mode, an outdoor temperature of 20-25 degrees, a wind speed of less than 15 kmph or 9 mph, and a straight horizontal surface (no slope).

What is included in the package with Zero 10 Electric Scooter?

The electric scooter packaging includes the scooter, a power bank for the scooter, a user manual, and a hexagonal-head tool for mounting/dismounting and adjusting the scooter.

Additional pertinent information:

  • We recommend that you study the user manual and user guide that correspond to the specific electric scooter model you’re interested in. You can obtain really important information regarding the operation and maintenance of your newly acquired electric scooters.
  • When ordering an electric scooter, we recommend adding the “Initial escooter check-up,” a special service that ensures the product is ready to ride immediately after it is removed from the box.
  • We recommend treating your electric scooter (regardless of model) like an actual car; one that requires routine maintenance (every 500–1000 kilometres or 300–600 miles, depending on the model) and, if necessary, technical revision by an expert.